Practice Area

Employment Law

Given our numerous corporate and business clients, we support our clients by helping draft employment agreements, termination agreements and other management side representation that comes up from time to him.

However, it is well established that employee’s have rights that often get overlooked. Whether it is discrimination in the workplace, wrongful termination, wage disputes or something else, let me clear things up for you and make things right. We are ready to fight for your employee rights.

Areas of service Include but aren’t limited to:

  • Constructive Dismissal
    • Wrongful termination, unjust firing, fired without cause
  • Discrimination
    • Age, Sex, Race, Pregnancy, Sexual Orientation, Disability
  • Wages Dispute
    • Unpaid overtime, Missing Hours, Vacation Pay, Sick Days, Severance Pay
  • Employee Benefits
    • Unpaid benefits, Unfair Contracts,
  • Workplace Injury
    • Injury Pay, Unsafe Work Environment, Workers Compensation

For someone who is not familiar with the Employment Standards Actgetting fired, injured or having disputes can be complicated and confusing. It doesn’t have to be. Contact us to get started on the process of honest and rightful reparation.