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Personal Injury

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when involved in an injury situation.  You have enough to think about with medical bills, missing time from work, and repair costs to your property.  It is important to speak to a lawyer right away to preserve your rights and claims, both against your own insurance company, or the at fault party. There are strict limitation periods that are enforced under various Acts and Schedules, and we recommend you contact a lawyer to help preserve your rights.

Our fees are based on a contingency fee agreement, and do not receive legal fees until you are compensated for your claim.

We strongly believe a collaborative approach will lead to better results.  Sometimes the best result in an injury matter can’t be measured solely by dollar signs. We work with you to come up with a plan to get the results you need.  We craft a path to success using our understanding go the law and your understanding of the circumstances to try and help put you back to the position you were, moments before the injury occurred.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see what rights and protections you have under the law.